Fire Sign

Aries the Ram

Aries the Ram

The Spring Equinox occurs on March 20th.  It is the first day of spring, the season of renewal and is when the Sun moves into the cardinal (action-orientated) sign of Aries.  Ruled by Mars, this masculine (outwardly motivated) fire (active) sign is the first sign of the Zodiac and begins the new astrological cycle. Aries turns ideas into action, is spontaneous, competitive and enthusiastic.

Saturn Rx in Sagittarius - Freedom with Responsiblity


Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius

March 25 to August 16, 2016

Saturn Retrograde is one long test of our endurance. Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Retrograde motion is a time when karma is sorted out. Therefore, Saturn retrograde is a double dose of karma and will relate to how responsible you have been in the past.

Sagittarius wants FREEDOM to do what it wants, how it wants and when it wants. Saturn demands RESTRAINT and calls for maturity, structure and boundaries. I predict that this transit will place us in some grueling circumstances where we must discern very carefully what we deem right and wrong. Saturn shines a magnifying glass to examine our perceived altruism, willingness to learn and potential to expand, to become something greater than the Self. Saturn teaches that change is necessary to move forward. We must completely surrender, you will feel cleansed and joyously empty, ready to rebuild. But don’t fool yourself into believing you’ll get let off the hook without doing any work.

Adding to this already difficult time is that Saturn has been in a square with Neptune since November of 2015 and will remain there throughout this transit. You can no longer scapegoat and blame others for your problems in life. Everyone is dealing with the results of the past several years of hard pressure and deep trauma. The previous Uranus/Pluto squares have taken its toll on us. We have been brought low and must figure out how we will live from here. We are faced with cleansing and controlling ourselves and our lives and not blaming anyone else for anything. That message is clear. If we choose to be deluded (Neptune in Pisces) and blame others rather than do the hard work and practice (Saturn) what we preach (Sagittarius) we will only hurt ourselves. Our hypocrisy will, in the end, only damage us.

Saturn is challenging us to...

Learn that there is freedom and liberation in abiding by certain rules and in some level of self-denial. Freedom is not     about escaping responsibility, it is about what we can enjoy after tending to our responsibilities.

Seek practical applications of our personal philosophies by firming up our belief systems while avoiding rigid thinking.

Making clear choices and decisions for weeding out what isn’t working for us and for letting go of lost causes.

Eliminate excessive or overdone expectations through a healthy dose of realism. Remember you can still practice  positive mindset and yet be realistic and spiritually uplifted.


Aries and The Emperor


Sun in Aries

The Sun charges into fiery Aries on March 20th until April 19th, marking the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and beginning the brand new Astrological year. Ruled by action planet Mars and symbolized by the fearless Ram, there's never a dull moment during Aries season. As a Cardinal sign, Aries lives life head-first and they don't let fear hold them back from doing anything. It's time to celebrate the renewal of life and take action again after the slower pace of winter. In Aries, the Sun is confident, impulsive, instinctual and ready for action and we are encouraged to follow our raw, instinctive drives. Be true to who we are and all the facets which make us the individuals we are. Embrace the true self and go for whatever it is we desire. We matter, each one of us, and deserve to live the life we envision ourselves living. Entertain the spark of ideas and see where they lead. Find the leader within yourself and make your way.


The Emperor Card

Aries is assigned to the Emperor Card, numbered four, which depicts a mature ruler holding his scepter and sitting on his throne, which is decorated with figures of rams.  In his right hand, he holds an Ankh, the Egyptian symbol of Life, and in his left is an orb representing the world over which he rules. The orange background and the Emperor’s red clothing symbolize his passion and energy for life and the challenges it offers. The emperor card contains references to the Sun God Amon-Re and the Greek God Zeus (Jupiter). Amon-Re was a universal deity, revered as the king of the Gods. He was often depicted as a Ram and associated with the constellation Aries. When the Greeks invaded Egypt, they associated Amon-Re with their own God, Zeus (Jupiter). The connection of Aries with the planets Mars and Jupiter and with the Sun God Amon-Re led ancient astrologers to regard the Sun as being exalted or especially powerful in the sign of Aries. This card is also associated with the Greek hero Jason. Jason regained his throne by capturing the golden fleece which belonged to the ram that helped Jason’s cousin escape from being murdered by his wicked stepmother. After his escape, he sacrificed the ram in gratitude to Zeus (Jupiter) and hung its golden fleece in the grove of the war God Ares, where a vicious dragon that never slept protected it. The tale of Jason and the Argonauts reveals the traits of courage, daring and enterprise that are associated with the fire sign Aries.

Sun enters Sagittarius


Sun in Sagittarius November 22nd to December 22nd

When in Sagittarius, the Sun is in good spirits, adventurous, open-minded, and opportunistic with big, bold ideas. Life is in the living, experiencing and growing. It's the journey, not just the destination. While this is true, this sign can get out of control.  Saturn and Mercury are already in this fiery sign and the New Moon will follow in December.  We’ve seen last week the tragic effects of a Sagittarius Saturn, with the bombings in Beirut and Paris. Remember, Sagittarius is a crusader, a convince-and-convert archetype. It is also a mission driven and invasion archetype. As we have already seen, when combined with Saturn the consequences for ideological or religious disobedience can be harsh, even dire. Saturn at this level is a “accept the doctrine or be punished and perish” combination. With Mercury in Sagittarius, you are able to see the big picture, but it's harder to see the fine print.  Now nothing is hidden in open Sagittarius.  This energy is honest to the point of bluntness.  Be prepared that when you ask a question you may get more than you bargained for.  And tying it all up in a neat bow is Neptune now in direct motion once again encouraging us to live in denial.  You will be challenged to find a distinguishing line between reachable goals versus pipe dreams.

So what do we do?  How do we cope?


Sagittarius carries with it tremendous gifts and the need for responsible care that any fire brings. In the midst of great change, responsible care becomes even more important. Sagittarius fire expands. As a questing fire, it fuels expansion by searching and exploring new territory in variety of ways, internally and externally. Inwardly, it can help you seek the meaning of life or shine the light of consciousness on the truth within. To burn, fire needs air, appropriate containment, and safety. Learning to effectively work with fire means you must set your intention clearly, hold your focus carefully, create emotional safety, and choose suitable earthly containing parameters. If you focus on what you do not have, you will only experience more of what you feel is lacking. Instead, if you mindfully place your focus on all there is to be grateful for in your life, then the energy can shift toward what you are choosing to expand and create.

Sun enters Leo


Sun enters Leo July 22nd to August 22nd 
In Cancer, the Sun's focus was inward, now in Leo it's all about self-expression and creativity. Since the Sun is Leo's native ruler, the Sun is dignified in this sign.  You can expect the motivation of the next four weeks to be about personal forms of creativity and style.  Now is the time to take a risk, using Leo's courage to do so. While the Sun is in Leo, be generous of your time and self. Let the Sun's warmth help ease your worries. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. It is our job to continue seeking for it and walking towards it. Be confident as you walk your path. Be mindful of keeping the goal in sight and knowing when it's time to tweak the plans and make changes in order complete the tasks at hand. Flexibility is important, as Leo is a fixed sign and the ego can get in the way of progress and growth.  However, we must also be careful not to indulge in the darker aspects, such as pride, arrogance, stubbornness and vanity.