Neptune Rx - Dispelling Delusion

essentialzodiaclightthrufog Neptune Retrograde takes place from June 13 to November 19, 2016, which means we're in for more than five months' worth of getting real.  Neptune is the dreamy planet that, at its best, makes us see beyond the tangible world and explore spirituality, faith and fantasy. The dark side of Neptune is that its love of illusion can inspire us to escape to alternate realities we’ve created for ourselves - delusions. Neptune can encourage us to live in denial. We all have specific fears we don’t want to deal with, such as nagging financial issues or a difficult romantic relationship. Chances are, Neptune is behind any excuses you invent to support the idea that everything is fine. When Neptune is retrograde, however, it's much more difficult to ignore the truth. Neptune’s dreamy edge usually allows us to gloss over unpleasant truths (like credit card balances or red flags in our relationships), its move backward gives us the opposite: a harsh wake-up call. It is essential that we do something about the problems that we pick up on while Neptune is retrograde because they can worsen when Neptune goes direct. This transit provokes you to make big changes in your life and here is why that is a good thing: 1. You no longer ignore things like bad relationships or being in debt. 2. You have the ability to stop dreaming and starting doing. 3. You are able to figure out what's real and what's fantasy. 4. You can think more clearly and plan more carefully for the future. 5. You will re-evaluate what's truly important to you. Below are the general horoscopes for each sign. For more personalized information, contact me.

Aries – 12th House of the Subconscious - Here is your chance to dive deep and rise to the surface of your subconscious with that most highly valued prize: the truth. Pay close attention to the neuroses that occupy your thinking now, and be bold in seizing the opportunity for healing that comes with smoking them out. Avoid indulging in mind-altering substances. Be honest with yourself and embrace clarity as a tool for lasting personal development.

Taurus – 11th House of Social Networking - Choose not to ignore your paranoia about issues affecting any area of your life where group dynamics rule. Demand to know the details of the political dealings you rightly sense are going on behind the scenes. Then, think not what your friends can do for you, but what you can do for your friends. Fall into compassion and fire up your humanitarian efforts. Meditate on the germ of a revolutionary idea, and watch it flourish.

Gemini – 10th House of Career and Public Standing - Duties or responsibilities you’ve been avoiding can no longer be ignored. It’s time to take the reins and begin to steer your ship into deeper waters, however intimidating this might feel. Don’t be afraid to tap into your inner ball-breaker. Act “as if” you’re the boss. When the limelight beckons, don’t hide away in the shadows. Get real about the sacrifices you need to make if you want your career to take off the way you envision.

Cancer – 9th House of Wisdom - Come out of your cave and give in to your wanderlust. A spiritual awakening could be in store for you when you open your mind and put paid to fears you can now see are completely unfounded. Dive into your studies in the University of Life and embark on a vision quest or spiritual pilgrimage. To achieve enlightenment, deal only in what you know in your soul to be the truth and demand the same of others.

Leo - 8th House of Sex and Shared Resources - Like a butterfly, you are on a journey of transformation and rebirth. But now you’re being asked to come clean about wherever wallowing in your comfort zone is stunting your personal growth. Escape into obsession and control will only compound your sense of being stuck. Ignore your intuition at your peril, and pick up creative projects with your typical gusto. A mystery about an inheritance or money owed could also be resolved.

Virgo – 7th House of Marriage and Partnerships - Expect a breakthrough as deep-seated fractures in your closest relationships come up for air and healing. Embrace situations that show your creative and business collaborators’ true colors, and resolve to accept what you see. Give in to the notion of compromise. See past your ego for ways for justice to be served. Accept that the skeletons in your closet could actually be good PR.

Libra – 6th House of Work, Health and Service - Any flaws in your logic will be exposed now, so arm yourself with a backup plan. Details you’d prefer to gloss over will demand your attention. Tackling mundane-seeming tasks could actually lead to the breakthroughs you’ve been looking for. Knuckle down. Your health and well being is at risk if you continue to delude yourself about your diet. Be ready to redraft a creative project to perfection.

Scorpio – 5th House of Creativity and Fun - A clandestine affair or flirtation could come to light, or maybe you’ll be asked to play your hand in matters of the heart. Your secret vice won’t stay a secret for long. A creative project you’re personally invested in could come to fruition now, and this fertile creative phase could also see your parental urges kick in. Be wary of situations that allow you to escape into over-indulgence. A hidden talent for the performing arts could also be revealed.

Sagittarius – 4th House of Home and Family - Expect the unexpected from a family situation, as whatever’s been going on behind the scenes is unveiled. Family therapy could prove especially insightful. In all other areas, embark on a Dream Quest to get to the heart of the matter and let your subconscious be your guide. Now examine your daily habits. What nourishes you and what is holding you back will be clearer now.

Capricorn – 3rd House of Communication - Be ruthless in speaking the truth. Allow yourself to hear the same in what others are saying. A hidden affinity with writing or speaking may come to light, embrace opportunities to explore this. Allow your logical mind to be infiltrated by your intuition. Journal about your dreams. A sibling’s or neighbor’s secret may be revealed.

Aquarius – 2nd House of Material Possessions - Get real about your finances and banish your credit cards to the back drawer. No more hiding your head in the sand and spending beyond your means, especially if shopping is a means of escape for you. Ask yourself; who am I without my luxuries and creature comforts? A creative way to add to your income may be unlocked. Look out for it, leave no stone un-turned. Then act.

Pisces – 1st House of Self  -You’ll see past what’s in the mirror and view body image issues for what they really are: nothing but a figment of your insecurities. Now is the time for honest self-observation. Get real as you analyze your actions. In what ways do you allow your emotions to sabotage your personal vitality? Clean up your act. Insist on clarity of self-expression, no lying to yourself or your inner child.

June 2016 - Information Overload June is going to be a challenging and trying time.  While the New Moon in Gemini on June 4 promises communications-related opportunity, there's a catch. Gemini is often accused of being a superficial sign, due to its tendency to jump around from one talking point to another and seemingly never staying on one long enough to get to the bottom.  You might feel scattered mentally and find it difficult to concentrate on one project at a time. Don't fall into the Gemini shadow now by biting off more than you can chew.  Sharpen your focus and pick one, possibly two projects to work on.

Mercury finally moves out of Taurus after more than 2 months, and enters his home sign of Gemini. Mercury is quite comfortable in this versatile placement bringing with it all kinds of ideas, thoughts and forms of self-expression. But we are prone to speak without thinking, become scattered and easily bored.

On the June 13, spiritual Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces until mid-November and we are forced to confront those issues we’d rather keep buried. When Neptune turns retrograde our feelings are more astute at picking up and perceiving the illusive. It is easier to ascertain information about issues that have eluded us (or we have ignored) while Neptune was direct. It is essential that we do something about the problems that we discover because they can worsen when Neptune goes direct.

We face further tests when Saturn squares Neptune on June 17. This period happens every 18 years and is often a time of great hope or disillusionment for society at large. The end of World War II or the Kennedy assassination is examples of how this energy can play out. Even though everyone is not personally affected, everyone is somehow changed and life isn't quite the same afterwards. The conflict of ideal with real, whichever temporarily triumphs, reminds one that the two worlds are fundamentally at odds and that you must juggle both in order to be human. The lesson lies not in the fact that we see it, but that we so quickly forget it.

But then the cosmic energy eases up starting with the Full Moon coinciding with the Sun’s shift into Cancer on June 20. The Full Moon occurs in the sign of Sagittarius which governs our personal belief systems, our philosophy of life, and our spiritual search for the meaning of life. Later in the afternoon, the Sun enters Cancer and marks the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere. In Cancer, the Sun’s ego-centered energy combines with the reflective, hidden energy of the Moon, its ruler. The past is important to Cancer, as is the concept of nurturing both ourselves and others.

On June 26, one of the most favorable alignments occurs between mighty Jupiter and powerful Pluto. Transiting Jupiter will trine Pluto greatly increasing our power and influence. This transit is particularly significant occurring so close to a seasonal turning point.  New frontiers, hot prospects and expanded operations are not hard to sell right now. Whatever you are promoting, confidence is key. The more faith you have in yourself, the more others will have in you and the more likely things will work out right since everyone is expecting them to. Journeys made now will also greatly transform our outlook on life, and be remembered as once in a lifetime experiences.

Last but not least, on June 29 Mars resumes its direct motion after 2 1/2 months of being retrograde. Now moving forward, Mars is strong and positive, even more so when it’s at home in Scorpio (Mars ruled Scorpio before the discovery of Pluto). So barriers are lifted, goals become clear, while actions and initiatives begin to have bigger chances of success. Now you'll begin to get your mojo back and will have the stamina to pursue your goals without being in your own way.


Saturn Rx in Sagittarius - Freedom with Responsiblity


Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius

March 25 to August 16, 2016

Saturn Retrograde is one long test of our endurance. Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Retrograde motion is a time when karma is sorted out. Therefore, Saturn retrograde is a double dose of karma and will relate to how responsible you have been in the past.

Sagittarius wants FREEDOM to do what it wants, how it wants and when it wants. Saturn demands RESTRAINT and calls for maturity, structure and boundaries. I predict that this transit will place us in some grueling circumstances where we must discern very carefully what we deem right and wrong. Saturn shines a magnifying glass to examine our perceived altruism, willingness to learn and potential to expand, to become something greater than the Self. Saturn teaches that change is necessary to move forward. We must completely surrender, you will feel cleansed and joyously empty, ready to rebuild. But don’t fool yourself into believing you’ll get let off the hook without doing any work.

Adding to this already difficult time is that Saturn has been in a square with Neptune since November of 2015 and will remain there throughout this transit. You can no longer scapegoat and blame others for your problems in life. Everyone is dealing with the results of the past several years of hard pressure and deep trauma. The previous Uranus/Pluto squares have taken its toll on us. We have been brought low and must figure out how we will live from here. We are faced with cleansing and controlling ourselves and our lives and not blaming anyone else for anything. That message is clear. If we choose to be deluded (Neptune in Pisces) and blame others rather than do the hard work and practice (Saturn) what we preach (Sagittarius) we will only hurt ourselves. Our hypocrisy will, in the end, only damage us.

Saturn is challenging us to...

Learn that there is freedom and liberation in abiding by certain rules and in some level of self-denial. Freedom is not     about escaping responsibility, it is about what we can enjoy after tending to our responsibilities.

Seek practical applications of our personal philosophies by firming up our belief systems while avoiding rigid thinking.

Making clear choices and decisions for weeding out what isn’t working for us and for letting go of lost causes.

Eliminate excessive or overdone expectations through a healthy dose of realism. Remember you can still practice  positive mindset and yet be realistic and spiritually uplifted.


Pisces New Moon/Solar Eclipse

essentialzodiacnmoonpiscessoleclip On March 8th, the Pisces New Moon will also be a Solar Eclipse.  While the Eclipse will only be visible in Southeast Asia, its impact will be felt globally.  Both a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse is about new beginnings.  It's about letting go and embracing a new direction. A Solar Eclipse can only occur at a New Moon and the Solar Eclipse super-charges the New Moon. That's significant fresh-start possibilities. This eclipse occurs in Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac year. In Pisces, the Moon is intuitive, spiritual, insightful, hopeful and attuned to the energies beyond the physical and mental realms.  This New Moon offers an opportunity to connect with your personal "dream time".  Along with the Pisces Sun, this is an excellent time to tap into our inner resources as we plan for the coming year. I see this eclipse as a ray of hope during a time of tremendous upheaval for all of us. Clearly, many of us are at a crossroads. The Solar Eclipse will not only offer a breath of fresh air, it will help us feel ready to stop holding our breath. This eclipse will give us the faith we need to finally let go.

To see how this energy will affect you, check out the horoscopes below. Remember with eclipses this energy is around for at least 6 months!

Aries - This is a time for being invisible and retreating into your inner world. Your intuition will lead you toward awareness of your hidden tendencies with the Pisces Solar Eclipse in your 12th House of the Subconscious. Although it's up to others to let you know if you have overstepped their boundaries, you can prevent an embarrassing moment by thinking before you act unconsciously. Tread carefully in your pursuit of pleasure.

Taurus - The Pisces Solar Eclipse in your 11th House of Groups and Friends signals a time for expanding into a greater sense of connection with you. Motives are muddied by passions, so don't assume that you know how others are feeling unless they explicitly tell you. Re-assessing your own goals and considering alternate strategies is more constructive than causing an unpleasant scene.

Gemini - If you're worried about someone stealing your thunder the Pisces Solar Eclipse in your 10th House of Career will bring that to the fore.  It's wise to react to reality instead of creating a problem before it manifests. Your emotions may be out of whack, and they could precipitate an awkward situation at work unless you deal with your insecurities first. If your efforts are being undermined, then it will be certainly appropriate to take defensive action. Until such time, there's no reason to stress about things that might never happen, anyway.

Cancer - You would like to be making long-term plans because the Pisces Solar Eclipse activates your 9th House of Travel. However, it may seem rather hopeless to plan for your upcoming adventure when you still have so much work on your plate. Unfortunately, there are too many chores to finish in the present moment. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don't attempt to do everything at once. There's no room for discouragement if you narrow your focus and complete just a few things well. Be kind to everyone, especially yourself.

Leo - Even if you aren't the overly jealous type, someone's actions could make you turn green with envy while the Pisces Solar Eclipse polarizes your 8th House of Intimacy. Of course, emotional possessiveness won't lead anywhere worthwhile, but knowing that it's unproductive won't necessarily change your feelings in the moment. Don't get stuck in an unbreakable cycle; relinquishing control might just be the most reliable path to happiness. Trust is the hardest thing to find and the easiest to lose.

Virgo - Someone's emotional disclosure can be rather upsetting to you, especially if you feel even partly responsible for the current instability in your relationship. However, it's crucial to separate your compassion for someone you love from your desire to fix what's wrong as the Pisces Solar Eclipse triggers your 7th House of Partnerships. However, simply listening and acknowledging what you hear might be the kindest thing you can do. Remember, you cannot change anyone's reactions but your own.

Libra -  This dreamy Pisces Solar Eclipse energy is in your mundane 6th House of Work and Health. You might be feeling indecisive about how you want to serve and about how you can best use your skills. Although you have many things to do, you lack clear direction in setting your priorities. Nevertheless, you feel increasing pressure to make a choice as soon as possible. It may surprise you to realize that it doesn't matter where you start; just decide on a destination and begin. Thankfully, each step will become easier once you're in motion.

Scorpio - You yearn to express yourself in spontaneous ways while the Pisces Solar Eclipse mobilizes your 5th House of Creativity and Fun, but you can't find the time to make your definitive statement. You could be feeling quite satisfied with your life, but more immediate concerns distract you from your desire for fun and games. The real question isn't about what you should do; it's about what your heart wants. Color outside the lines and see what happens; play now and pay later.

Sagittarius - Unsettling energy on the home front is not yet about to disappear with the Pisces Solar Eclipse in your 4th House of Family. You might be frustrated, yet you really don't know what to do about the current stressful dynamics. Perhaps it's time to accept that some things are beyond your control. Don't try to make everything better for everyone else just because you feel uncomfortable. Taking full responsibility for your own state of mind is your top priority. Your legendary optimism might be just what's needed to turn things around.

Capricorn - You prefer having your day mapped out in detail, but the Pisces Solar Eclipse is going to make that hard as it transits your 3rd House of Thinking. Your current schedule won't likely withstand the shifting pressures. Crossed messages may contribute to delays or a cancellation of a scheduled event, prompting you to think deeply about how you spend your leisure time. Rolling with the unexpected waves of change allows you to turn any setback into an exciting opportunity.

Aquarius -  Current complications drive you to reconsider your old ways of managing your finances as the Pisces Solar Eclipse lands your 2nd House of Resources. On a deeper level, your relationship to money is likely tied to what you feel you deserve. If you are struggling with issues of self-acceptance, a positive change in your attitude could directly impact your net worth. When you value your contribution with confidence, others will be more willing to pay you accordingly.

Pisces - The Pisces Solar Eclipse amplifies the cosmic energy in your 1st House of Self, marking an end to one significant phase of your life. Don't be afraid to feel the intensity of an emotional loss, especially if it helps you work through your unresolved issues. Remember, elimination is a necessary natural process that is required before renewal.