Saturn Rx in Sagittarius - Freedom with Responsiblity


Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius

March 25 to August 16, 2016

Saturn Retrograde is one long test of our endurance. Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Retrograde motion is a time when karma is sorted out. Therefore, Saturn retrograde is a double dose of karma and will relate to how responsible you have been in the past.

Sagittarius wants FREEDOM to do what it wants, how it wants and when it wants. Saturn demands RESTRAINT and calls for maturity, structure and boundaries. I predict that this transit will place us in some grueling circumstances where we must discern very carefully what we deem right and wrong. Saturn shines a magnifying glass to examine our perceived altruism, willingness to learn and potential to expand, to become something greater than the Self. Saturn teaches that change is necessary to move forward. We must completely surrender, you will feel cleansed and joyously empty, ready to rebuild. But don’t fool yourself into believing you’ll get let off the hook without doing any work.

Adding to this already difficult time is that Saturn has been in a square with Neptune since November of 2015 and will remain there throughout this transit. You can no longer scapegoat and blame others for your problems in life. Everyone is dealing with the results of the past several years of hard pressure and deep trauma. The previous Uranus/Pluto squares have taken its toll on us. We have been brought low and must figure out how we will live from here. We are faced with cleansing and controlling ourselves and our lives and not blaming anyone else for anything. That message is clear. If we choose to be deluded (Neptune in Pisces) and blame others rather than do the hard work and practice (Saturn) what we preach (Sagittarius) we will only hurt ourselves. Our hypocrisy will, in the end, only damage us.

Saturn is challenging us to...

Learn that there is freedom and liberation in abiding by certain rules and in some level of self-denial. Freedom is not     about escaping responsibility, it is about what we can enjoy after tending to our responsibilities.

Seek practical applications of our personal philosophies by firming up our belief systems while avoiding rigid thinking.

Making clear choices and decisions for weeding out what isn’t working for us and for letting go of lost causes.

Eliminate excessive or overdone expectations through a healthy dose of realism. Remember you can still practice  positive mindset and yet be realistic and spiritually uplifted.