The Emperor

Aries and The Emperor


Sun in Aries

The Sun charges into fiery Aries on March 20th until April 19th, marking the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and beginning the brand new Astrological year. Ruled by action planet Mars and symbolized by the fearless Ram, there's never a dull moment during Aries season. As a Cardinal sign, Aries lives life head-first and they don't let fear hold them back from doing anything. It's time to celebrate the renewal of life and take action again after the slower pace of winter. In Aries, the Sun is confident, impulsive, instinctual and ready for action and we are encouraged to follow our raw, instinctive drives. Be true to who we are and all the facets which make us the individuals we are. Embrace the true self and go for whatever it is we desire. We matter, each one of us, and deserve to live the life we envision ourselves living. Entertain the spark of ideas and see where they lead. Find the leader within yourself and make your way.


The Emperor Card

Aries is assigned to the Emperor Card, numbered four, which depicts a mature ruler holding his scepter and sitting on his throne, which is decorated with figures of rams.  In his right hand, he holds an Ankh, the Egyptian symbol of Life, and in his left is an orb representing the world over which he rules. The orange background and the Emperor’s red clothing symbolize his passion and energy for life and the challenges it offers. The emperor card contains references to the Sun God Amon-Re and the Greek God Zeus (Jupiter). Amon-Re was a universal deity, revered as the king of the Gods. He was often depicted as a Ram and associated with the constellation Aries. When the Greeks invaded Egypt, they associated Amon-Re with their own God, Zeus (Jupiter). The connection of Aries with the planets Mars and Jupiter and with the Sun God Amon-Re led ancient astrologers to regard the Sun as being exalted or especially powerful in the sign of Aries. This card is also associated with the Greek hero Jason. Jason regained his throne by capturing the golden fleece which belonged to the ram that helped Jason’s cousin escape from being murdered by his wicked stepmother. After his escape, he sacrificed the ram in gratitude to Zeus (Jupiter) and hung its golden fleece in the grove of the war God Ares, where a vicious dragon that never slept protected it. The tale of Jason and the Argonauts reveals the traits of courage, daring and enterprise that are associated with the fire sign Aries.