The Heirophant

Taurus and the Heirophant

essentialzodiactaurusbull On April 19th, the Sun began its month-long trek through Taurus the Bull, the zodiac sign assigned to the Hierophant of the tarot. The sign Taurus belongs to the element earth and is ruled by the planet Venus. In Aries, the Sun is bold, confident, direct, quick-thinking, quick-acting and quick-tempered. In Taurus, the Sun slows down, steps back, makes considerations, and assesses risk vs. gain with the timing involved. Taurus as a fixed (stable) sign enables the new seeds we planted in Aries to take root and blossom.While Taurus may have a reputation as stubborn, the Bull also is placid and steady and we will welcome this new energy after the nonstop activity of Sun in Aries.

The Hierophant card, numbered five, depicts a priestly figure seated between two pillars. He holds a scepter and wears a triple crown. Beneath his feet lies a set of keys, symbolizing his access to secret knowledge. On either side of the keys, two acolytes knell.  They are alternatively clad in dark and light vestments reminiscent of the dark and light pillars on the High Priestess card. The Hierophant symbolizes the organized and ritualized approach to spiritual truth. Taurus is associated with the Hierophant tarot card, deriving from the Greek “hieros” meaning “sacred,” and “phainein” meaning “to reveal”. This is the title of the high priest of the Eleusinian cult, who worshipped the Goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone. The Hierophant (male High Priest) along with the High Priestess, led the ceremonies that annually commemorated the descent of Persephone into the underworld of Hades and her resurrection to new life. Only the Hierophant was allowed to touch the “hiera” or sacred objects of the Goddess. Demeter’s gift to mankind was the knowledge of tilling the earth and cultivating grain. In the mystery religion of Eleusis, the vegetation cycle of the death and burial of grain in the ground and its rebirth in the spring became symbolic of the spiritual life of man.


Tarot Meditations While the Sun Is in Taurus

This period when the Sun transits through Taurus is an excellent time to meditate on the Hierophant card. Do you need spiritual guidance from a wise counselor? Are you being as fruitful as you can with the gifts nature has given you? Where are you in the cycle of planting your seeds and tending your garden? In what part of your life do you need to “die” in order to be reborn?

To prepare for mediation, sit or lie in a comfortable place and allow your body to be free of tension and distractions. Pay attention to your breathing. Feel your breath go in and out as you inhale and exhale. If distracting thoughts enter your mind, simply observe them and allow them to float by as you gently return your attention to your breathing. When you have established a steady, comfortable rhythm of breathing rhythmically in and out, turn your focus to the tarot card you have selected for meditation. Observe the card and contemplate its images. Let your mind be open to the messages you receive from it. When you have completed your meditation, you may wish to record your observations in a notebook for review later on.