Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

 “Review, Reflect, Revise”

Mercury will turn retrograde on October 21st until November 10th.  But what exactly does it mean when a planet is said to be retrograde? A planet is described as retrograde when it seems to be moving backwards through the zodiac. This concept arises in the planetary motion created by the orbital rotation of the earth, with relation to other planets in our solar system. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way, it is an optical illusion. During a “reversal,” the areas of life that the retrograde planet rules will feel askew until it catches up to Earth again. Mercury retrograde is perhaps best known of all retrogrades. Since communication is Mercury's main domain, communication is greatly affected by this planet's pull.

Right now and during the retrograde period Mercury is in the Zodiac sign of Scorpio.  Scorpio is a fixed (persistent) water sign (emotions), ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation and regeneration. Scorpio navigates the undercurrents, the hidden and unspoken.  When Mercury is in Scorpio, emotions become heightened. Honesty will come into question, and you may take on the role of detective while trying to determine the truth in situations romantic, professional and personal. This planet of communication gets down to the depths when it's in Scorpio. The dark side of Mercury in Scorpio is represented by the mistrusting mind, one that holds secrets and fears them at the same time. Communication becomes a means of control, rather than connection. However, seeing our fears doesn't mean that we have to perpetuate them. The opportunities are ripe for discussing heretofore forbidden subjects, resulting in greater degrees of trust and intimacy.

When Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio, we need to get to the bottom of things; the underlying motives must be revealed and the whole story must be told with nothing left out. We are seeking full understanding and all sides of the story are valid. Mental power struggles are possible and a greater awareness of your own power can protect you from being the victim of manipulative mind games. During Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, we realize that we do have choices. And during the retrograde period, we have extra time to do further research so we can make informed decisions instead of acting out of fear, coercion, or hidden agendas. However, there is a general mood of skepticism and arrogant tendencies with people being difficult to get along well. Take a raw and honest look at your pain or the parts of your character that are less than savory. In fact, you might even have the courage to allow others to see beneath your beautiful façade. You might be surprised to learn that someone loves and appreciates you even more for this ability to go within and reveal vulnerable truths about yourself. Still, if there are any underhanded communication tactics happening in your world, this retrograde cycle will be the one that forces you to reconsider whether or not you're making the right choices. A white lie or even a lie of omission is still a lie. What amplifies the significance of this Mercury Retrograde cycle is the fact that Saturn is also in Scorpio, suggesting you'll revisit a karmic lesson over the next few weeks. Then on the 23rd the Sun also moves into Scorpio making us listen to our gut feelings more often, nurture our intuitive abilities, and urges us to dig deeper. Seek the source instead of just identifying the symptoms. Also, on November 3, we'll have a Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Scorpio. This moon turns our awareness inward and gives us the clarity to see what outmoded habits we need to shed. Eclipses have a way of speeding up change and evolution. Plus when you have a new Moon solar eclipse under the influence of the sign ruling death and rebirth you can imagine how potent and alive the changes are at this time. Transformative, willful Scorpio burns away our illusions and reminds us of all that isn't authentic about ourselves. We’re poised for powerful, personal renewal at the deepest level and encouraged to let go of stale behavior in order to manifest new, healthier actions. sets the stage for serious psychological shedding.

With Mercury, Saturn, the Sun and New Moon all in Scorpio this is a profound time of transformation.  Instead of running from it, we should embrace it and learn from it.  There is no sense in holding on to what is longer good for us, working for us or making us unhappy.  The truth, as they say, will set us free.