Sun Enters Sagittarius


Sagittarius, with its fiery nature and mutable quality, is the part of us that is the Seeker, after ideas, information and experience. It's more than simple curiosity however; it involves a purpose that transcends mere information gathering as in Gemini.  With expansive Jupiter as its ruler, this is about discovering the higher Truth in the facts.  In Scorpio, we faced the Dark Night of the Soul in which we questioned and probed into everything we are. In Sagittarius, we now aspire to the heights of human potential, which would not be possible until we've faced the darkness. When confronting our worst nightmares in Scorpio, Sagittarius leads us into a quest for new meaning, new allegiance and a renewal of spirit. In Sagittarius, we envision the best of what is possible. We begin to reassess our potential and find a new direction.


There are pitfalls and traps in every sign and Sagittarius is no exception. As soon as we start to speak about a higher truth we must ask ourselves if we hold these beliefs because they serve our ego or because there is inherent truth in them. When we have found answers that work for us, it is very easy to believe that those answers must work for everyone. But Sagittarius teaches us about the vast diversity of human expression, needs, vision and values. As our world shrinks and we increasingly connect with each other, we are challenged to meet through mutual respect, appreciation and tolerance, rather than prejudice, judgment and dogmatism. Judgment and assessment are close cousins that are both part of the Sagittarian territory. When we judge others, we hold a moral conclusion about them and assume our perception is an accurate view of their essential nature. Although judgment has its place in our world, it is often used to condemn that which is more a representative of our own Shadow fears and biases. Assessment, on the other hand, is a more neutral medium by which we appraise value, usefulness or validity based on certain criteria. Although this is similar to judgment, it doesn’t necessarily involve a moral perspective. It is more objective and detached. Assessment is essential for our survival in the world. If we did not form assessments of our surroundings we could not make decisions or learn. The Sagittarian qualities of judgment and assessment are two edges of a sword that can ruthlessly cut through the bonds of reason and truth, or it can cut through to reason.


Sagittarius, the archer, is forever shooting arrows far upward and outward, reaching beyond its grasp to touch the edges of the universe and beyond. Sagittarius teaches us that no matter what we think we know, there's something more to learn. If we think we've found the answers, we must ask ourselves if we're asking the right questions. Every truth leads to a new inquiry; every conclusion to a new implication and therefore to a new question. Sagittarius moves toward endless expansion and, as such, represents life's self-perpetuating growth.