Mars/Saturn Retrogrades


MARS RX - 3/1/14 to 5/19/14

Mars in Libra is a difficult placement for Mars. Libra is opposite of Mars' natural home in Aries, so its placement in Libra is weak.  Assertive Mars finds it hard to take action because the Libra energy insists on balance and fairness. When Mars is retrograde, it depletes the vitality so that it is never a time to initiate. With a new project, new relationship or opportunity it will fizzle out and never really go anywhere. Matters commenced while Mars is retrograde will be frustrated and plagued with disruptions until they finally get tabled. At this time, people become irritated when activities do not run smoothly. The anger may disrupt indirectly and inappropriately, like getting a traffic ticket when you feel annoyed with your job. Mars is Aries natural ruler and the traditional ruler of Scorpio before Pluto was discovered so they find themselves being less aggressive, less pushy and less impatient to have their way in a situation. Mars-ruled types find themselves more inclined to sit back and review matters in a more detached or impersonal way. They feel more patient to wait on circumstances to unfold before they take action. For those of us not by Mars, it may feel quite differently. We may feel more impatient to force matters to a conclusion, to get a project going or to take immediate action. This would be an unwise course of action. Remember, initiating or impulsively taking action will not work to your favor.

SATURN RX 3/2/14 to 7/20/14

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and was the traditional ruler of Aquarius before Uranus came along. Their natural inclination to say, no and maintain the status quo may be tested at this time.  This Saturn retrograde is in mutual reception (swapped signs) with Pluto, so the Scorpio themes of death and rebirth can't be stronger. Don’t be afraid to spend considerable time in your very own underworld. If you prefer the shallow end, this transit will create a considerable amount of stress and pressure to have you look into the bottom of your own fears and insecurities. Saturn-ruled issues may be approaching a tipping point now; one stage of a project might be on the verge of completion, you may be considering ending something/leaving someone/making it official, etc. This retrograde could hit before you get to the finish line. As frustrating as it may feel, Saturn retrograde is meant to push you a bit deeper (Scorpio) before you come to that conclusion. What’s finalized under this transit will be permanent; you have to be sure. For others who have been avoiding Saturn’s lessons, you’ll be in for some revelations. Scorpio is the sign of hidden things, and Saturn’s reversed motion will be like a plow dragged back through the same furrow. If you missed what was churned up the first time, it will now be unmistakable. Saturn will be retrograde until July 20th, so use this time to reflect, process and confront anything that you missed. Retrogrades involve internal exploration, and Scorpio is the most internalized sign, so this period could involve more soul-searching than usual. Don’t look for external results during this time, but don’t be fooled into thinking nothing is happening. Much will be brewing beneath the surface, and it will all come out when Saturn goes direct.

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